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Meet with Dr. Nelsen one on one in a collaborative, supportive environment. Sessions are 53-55 minutes long, during which you will learn coping skills, be encouraged, and process emotions in a healthy empowering way.


Participate in therapy from the comfort and safety of your own home. Communicate with Dr. Nelsen via video on a HIPPA compliant platform that protects your confidentiality and personal well being. Some insurances provide telehealth coverage. For others, this service is offered as a self pay service

Relationship Counseling

Whether it's premarital counseling or solving a problem in your dating or marital relationship, We teach the basic building blocks of communication every relationship needs

Sports Psychology

Mental toughness accounts for a large percentage of athletic performance. Many athletes are unaware of the untapped potential their cognitive processes can bring to their performance. Schedule an appointment today to discuss how mental toughness, overcoming performance anxiety, or learning to cope with injury might benefit you.

Anxiety & Stress

In today's world, it often seems stress is everywhere. It can be all to easy to fall into the trap of worry and fear. We can provide you with tools to help you better manage stress, cope with worry, and shift anxious thoughts to thoughts grounded in health and wellness.


We are so blessed to have an exclusive relationship with Cradled in Grace, a premier adoption consultancy located out of Texas. Clients of Cradled in Grace receive two therapy sessions as part of their consultancy fee. Clients may choose to participate in telehealth therapy focused on helping adoptive parents navigate the unique stressors found along the adoption journey, including tools to help cope with stress, love birth families big and well, and grieve infertility.


We also provide in person therapeutic services for all members of the adoption triad, no matter how or when adoption has touched your life. Please call today to see if Graceful Wellness we might be a good fit to support you on your adoption journey.

Click on the icon below for a direct link to the Cradled in Grace website.

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